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HEIGHT 61 ft LENGTH 48 ft WIDTH 77 ft WEIGHT 77,040 lbs

FRENZY is a pendulum-style thrill ride providing twelve passengers with an exciting, uplifting experience where every seat is in the sweet spot. FRENZY swings riders to a height of 60 feet with an incredible 3.5g’s of acceleration as they swing 220 degrees from side to side. Riders sit back-to-back 6 across and experience both the upswing and downward plummet of the ride with each thrilling arc of motion. FRENZY is available in both park and portable models with the portable model easily transported on a single trailer. 



HEIGHT 94.4 ft LENGTH 53 ft DIAMETER 76 ft WEIGHT 66,720 lbs

VERTIGO is a thrilling family swing ride providing passengers with a breathtaking aerial experience. Elevating every rider to exhilarating new heights, VERTIGO takes riders up the tower while spinning at a quick 10 revolutions per minute creating a memorable view from above while spinning around high up in the air. VERTIGO provides a ride experience that will make you grab your friends and hop back in line for another go. Available in both park and portable models, VERTIGO comes with multiple operational options. See below for additional information on each model. 



HEIGHT 58.2 ft LENGTH 53.5 ft WIDTH 33.7 ft WEIGHT 71,000 lbs

  TYPHOON is a 32 passenger extreme thrill ride that swings riders upside down in both directions with specialized light package, signage and theming. TYPHOON starts swinging riders in both directions as it gains momentum. Open-air seating amps up the exhileration and unleashes the screams of passengers as the ride finally generates enough momementum to complete a full 360-degree rotation turning passengers upside down when cresting over the top! Best of all, dual arms create a memorable visual impact as each 16-passenger ride platform swings in the opposite direction of the other. TYPHOON will leave you screaming for more and is sure to grab the attention of passersby. TYPHOON is available in both park and portable models. 



HEIGHT 128ft

   This ride combines extreme sensations and spectacular movements. The G-Force can accommodate up to 8 passengers (4 each vehicle) and they are seated on free spinning vehicles back to back, with dangling legs. Each vehicle is equipped with shoulder bar closed by a double locking device. Vehicles can perform a 360° rotation and their variable speed can reach a max force of 3,6 G and almost 100 km/h [62 mph] 




    he High Roller is an oval shaped roller coaster that takes you around and around and upside down at a quick speed!

hi rollerw.jpg


     The ride is made up of a central column supporting two swinging arms. On each side of the arms a vehicle is fixed, while at the other side a counterweight is connected.  Its movement is basically very simple, its arms swing up progressively to the top and at the end it makes a complete rotation.  Passengers are seated inside the vehicle, whose safety is guaranteed by overhead shoulder bar and a double locking system. 



      The Giant Gondola Wheel stands at over 60ft above the midway! Each gondola seats up to four riders and gives a birds eye view of the surrounding area. At night, the wheel is lit with a spectacular light show. 



 The Ring of Fire is a compact looping – reversing roller coaster. No lift hill or large space is required for this proven thrill ride. Customers will be thrilled with the rocking anticipation of going higher and higher until the train gathers enough momentum to go over the top. Once you experience full speed revolutions, the ride then stops upside down momentarily and reverses direction. 

Ring of Fire.JPG

mean machine

HEIGHT 61 ft LENGTH 48 ft WIDTH 77 ft WEIGHT 77,040 lbs

  The Mean Machine is a modern version of the classic Scrambler ride that spins riders in two different directions.  As the center of the ride rotates, so does the spindles which the seats are on.  

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